My Barn Home and Studio

Looking forward to more Open Studios and possibly having other artists join me for a larger event in the fall.  Keep checking back to see when the next event is going to be.  I will add some new photos of the finished barn and studio.

This has been a great place for us to camp these past three years. We look forward to lots of campfires and camping in the future.


Logs Steve cut will be made into lumber for the house.


The first load of cement.


The timbers have been resting in Dad and Mom's barn. Time to get them cleaned up.


First a power spray and then a splash of bleach for the bugs.

This took about 1 month to clean everything up.


SIP (structurally insulated panels) go up to make the basement walls. They will also wrap the timbers when they are up.


We also found the old milk house door that was on my Dad and Mom's barn. We will use if for something.


Ready to get put back up.


Each bint was pieces together to be lifted into place with the crane. There are four bints.





There are 4 42'beams going along the length of the barn. They are just beautiful.




Placing a SIP (structurally insulated panel) into place on the porch. These panels wrap the entire house and are very efficient.


The last 8'x20' roof panel goes on.


The steps are made from reclaimed wood from power polls. The treads are finished, but the rest was just power washed.


Front porch with exposed timbers to support the roof.


It really looks like a barn!


Balcony - taken from living space.


From living space into dining space.